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                                       DUCK HEADS
Easy to use, very natural looking, no shrinkage.  Heads casted from actual ducks.

Painting Instructions:  Spray with clear lacquer, let dry, then paint.

                          DUCK HEADS are only $10.99 each.
      Bufflehead                                            Lesser Scaup
Wood Duck Drake                                           Gadwall
Wood Duck Hen                                         Greenwing Teal
  Mallard Drake                                             Bluewing Teal
   Mallard Hen                                     Hooded Merganser Drake
Ringneck Drake                                    Hooded Merganser Hen
 Ringneck Hen                                                   Pintail
     Redhead                                           Canadian Goose  $10.99
     Shoveler                                     Trumpeter Swan Drake  $18.99
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Artificial Bird Heads by Tony Finazzo

Cinnamon Teal (Drake or Hen)  $10.99
Woodduck (Drake or Hen)  $10.99
Widgeon (Drake or Hen)  $10.99
Mallard (Drake or Hen)  $10.99
Pintail (Drake or Hen)  $10.99
Greenwing Teal (Drake or Hen)  $10.99
Canvasback (Drake or Hen)  $10.99
Ringneck (Drake or Hen)  $10.99
Redhead (Drake or Hen)  $10.99
Gadwall (Drake or Hen)  $10.99
Bufflehead (Drake or Hen)  $10.99
Bluewing Teal (Drake or Hen)  $10.99
Lesser Scaup (Drake or Hen)  $10.99
Goldeneye (Drake or Hen)  $10.99
Hooded Merganser (Drake or Hen)  $10.99
Shoveler (Drake or Hen)  $10.99
Ruddy Duck (Drake)  $10.99

Large Canada Goose  $12.99
Swan-Trumpeter or Tundra  $18.99

Ringneck pheasant  $10.99
Ringneck Pheasant w/ internal wattles
or spring wattles  $13.99

Turkey Heads( these have eyes inserted)
Standing  $46.99/Painted 66.99
Strut  $46.99/Painted 66.99
Flying  $46.99/Painted 66.99
Jake Standing  $46.99/Painted 66.99
Hanging Dead  $44.99/Painted 64.99
Gobbling/Flying O/M  $49.99/Painted 69.99