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Our forms are made of a new plastic foam which is stronger and easier to design in greater detail than ever before.  This new plastic foam is the newest and greatest breakthrough in form making ever.  Our forms are different from other forms in that they are modeled as close to the natural looking species as possible, and they possess distinct and natural detail.

Using Quality Taxidermy forms means more life-like trophies for your customers.  Our forms assure you of satisfied customers every time.  The use of Quality Taxidermy forms will save you time and money because there are no changes to be made.

Quality Taxidermy Supply also saves you time because we guarantee shipment the next business day after the order is received.
Advantages of Quality Taxidermy Polyurethane Headforms:

Low Cost, Guaranteed to Retain Shape, Completely Waterproof, Chip Resistant and Non-Breakable,
Strong Enough to Hold Staples, Nails, and Brads,
Possible to Reshape or Cut Down if Needed, 
Natural-Looking, Ready to Use, No Backboard Required, Anatomically Detailed, Head Block Molded In, Proportioned for Perfect Fitting
We have added some new taxidermy forms, which includes the 8000 Series Whitetail Deer form, and Wild Turkey taxidermy forms.  We plan to extend the size range, and also improve the older forms in the near future.  We hope this will better serve your taxidermy supplies need.

We would like to thank you for your business and input.  Without you we would not have a successful business, and be able to grow.  We have met a lot of people, and made a lot of new friends.  Thanks again for your business, and we look forward to serving you.
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The links below will provide you with a sampling of what we carry in inventory.  If you would like more information on our forms or taxidermy supplies, call Toll Free   1-888-527-8722, and let us know that you found us on the web. ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.

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            How to Measure Taxidermy Forms and Abbreviation Codes Explained 

                 We have pages of whitetail deer taxidermy forms to choose from!                                                    Whitetail Deer Taxidermy Shoulder Forms Selections  
           I  Life Size Whitetail Deer Forms  I  Life Size Whitetail Deer Fawn Forms  I  

Mule Deer Shoulder Forms  I  Axis Deer Shoulder Form  I  Fallow Deer Shoulder Form  I  Pronghorn Antelope Shoulder Forms  I  Black Buck Antelope Shoulder Form    

Black Bear Shoulder Forms  I  Bear Rug Shell Forms  I  Life Size Black Bear Forms  I  Half Lifesize Black Bear Forms  I  Free Black Bear Taxidermy Reference Photos

 Wild Boar Shoulder Forms  I  Caribou Shoulder Forms  I  Spanish Goat Shoulder Form  I  Barbosa Sheep Shoulder Form  I  Mouflon Sheep Shoulder Form   I  Elk Shoulder Forms

LIFE SIZE SMALL GAME FORMS  I  Badger Form  I  Beaver Forms and Tails  I  Bobcat Forms  I  Chipmunk Forms  I  Grey Fox Forms  I  Red Fox Forms  I  Lifesize,  1/2 Lifesize, shoulder, Coyote Forms  I  Ground Hog Forms  I  Muskrat Forms  I  Mink Forms  I  Otter Forms  I  Rabbit Form  I  Raccoon Forms  I  Skunk Form  I  Weasel Forms 

SMALL GAME HEAD FORMS  I  Grey and Red Fox Head Shoulder Mount Forms, Bobcat Head Shoulder Mount Form, Raccoon Head Shoulder Mount Form 

FISH FORMS  I  Largemouth Bass Forms  I  

FOAM BIRD BODIES  I  Coot, Crow, Dove, Ducks, Geese,  Grouse,  Hawks, Owls, Pheasant,  Quail   I  Artificial Duck Heads  I  Artificial Bird Heads


TAXIDERMY HABITAT SUPPLIES  l  Weathered Stump  I  Bark Pattern Accent Panel
Artificial Driftwood  l  Artificial Slabwood

TAXIDERMY REFERENCE MATERIAL  I  Whitetail Deer  I  Mammals  I  Birds, Wild Turkey, Waterfowl, Game Birds

FREE TAXIDERMY REFERENCE PHOTOS!     Fox squirrel paw and foot
Fox Squirrel climbing down a tree head first.  Taxidermy Reference Photo #1 I
Taxidermy Reference Photo #2


Touchstone Taxidermy Forms  I  Touchstone Taxidermy Forms 

                                      ALL KINDS OF TAXIDERMY SUPPLIES!

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Quality Taxidery Supply Deer Mount
Quality Taxidermy Supply mannikin
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A special public THANK YOU is extended to Mr. Edwards, and WASCO, for their generosity, and contributions in promoting modern taxidermy, and the taxidermy industry .
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We also do not have all of our various taxidermy tools and supplies listed either, just a sampling.  If you have any questions, just give us a call on our toll free, and we will do our best to fix you up with what you want. 

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           WIN A FORM!
taxidermy habitat foam stump
taxidermy habitat original clay sculpture
              It's HERE!
   The Weathered Stump
Only $58.95 ready to finish!
Taxidermy habitat stump original clay sculpture to your left, and the Weathered Stump taxidermy habitat base foam stump reproduced from original clay sculpture to your right.
     Another new addition!
 Bark Pattern Accent Panel
Only $12.99 ready to finish!
        NEW! New sizes in the                              8500 series
   Whitetail shoulder mount forms
Mounting on a REAL DEER FORM
You've been needing it, you've been wanting it, now you can get it!
The Tanner's Tool.  Use on small game for turning ears, stripping tails, and stretching leg skins.  Price $27.95 
  Fat free artificial driftwood

Don't worry, they don't bite, they're not really real, they're just called REAL DEER.  The NEW Alpha Doe form.
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