Quality Taxidermy Supply trailer
Quality Taxidermy Supply has been around for awhile.  Tammy and I bought the business from Terry Walton of Salisbury, North Carolina in 1997,  he had owned the business for approximately 25 years before then. As a sculptor, he was way ahead of his own time.  

Terry Walton sculpted all the other animals in the line, plus the Original Line, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 Series Whitetail Deer Forms that grew the business, and created the classic 7000 Series that has that customer pleasing "Look" that continues to stand the test of time. Terry's passion is taxidermy and sculpting, and he sculpted the 7500 Series Whitetail Deer for us after we bought the business, and Terry continues to sculpt for us.  Terry is a highly knowledgeable individual, and has continued to help us as a consultant.

We actually built the shop and warehouse before buying the business from Terry Walton, and moving it here to Kinston, North Carolina.  When we were ready here, we rented a semi and started moving stuff on a Friday evening after Terry had closed for the day.  We had it all moved by Monday morning, and was ready for business!  We didn't miss a phone call!

Anthony Blackburn of Hiwassee, Virginia also sculpts for us.  Anthony is a pretty cool dude.  He is "A TAXIDERMIST"!  Not only that, he is a musician, fly fisherman, and bow maker.  He sculpted the new 8000 Series Aggressive line of whitetail bucks.

Anthony also sells Quality Taxidermy Supply products from his place, so if you're up that way, you can save some shipping costs by buying from him.  Here's his contact information:

                                       Anthony Blackburn
                                   5830 Blue Springs Road
                                  Hiwassee, Virginia 24347
                                   Phone: 1-540-731-1887

Most of the form manufacturing is done here at our facility, but we do distribute Ellzey's line of squirrel forms.

Needless to say, we carry a lot of the needed essential taxidermy supplies in inventory, we want to get an order out QUICK!

It's not that I can't do desk work, it's just that I would rather be out there in the shop working right along side the men, but I also want to be the one talking to my customers.  I figure I can answer my customers' questions about our business better than any one, and I like to listen to my customers' comments, and suggestions because it helps me to make better business decisions. So there will be a lot of times when you call Quality Taxidermy Supply, I'll be answering your call on a portable phone.  You may have to give me a minute to get to a secure line for a charge card order.

Our business hours are from 8 a.m. till 5 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Thursday.

If you haven't already met us at a taxidermy show, this is Tammy and me with the Quality Taxidermy Supply trailer.  When we do taxidermy shows, we try to bring a wide variety of supplies, especially the heavy things that would cost a lot to ship to help save you money.  So if you see this trailer sitting in the parking lot when you pull in, come on in and introduce yourself!

If you would like one of our catalogs, just give me a call on our toll free, and I'll get one to you. 

         Terry Lipscomb
Quality Taxidermy Supply
Toll Free 1-888-527-8722