Taxidermy Habitat Supplies
     The Weathered Stump
Only $58.95 ready to finish!
Light in weight.

Realistic life size for eye appeal and balance when mount is attached.

No seam line from the mold, a hollow interior for access to the anchoring system, and a plywood reinforced top for anchoring strength.

Can be used as a base that can sit directly on the floor or a table top, or on a pedestal base, or could be worked up into an elaborate habitat display.

Looks good from any angle, any side can be a display side.

Looks good from a distance, and when the observer gets up close.

A ready to finish product cheaper than the cost of materials as a do it yourselfer project.

Neutral gray foam can be finished with a simple paint schedule, or can be detailed out to the max by the competition crowd.

Synthetic materials used to prevent bugs, molds, and odors.  This can overcome taxidermist's clients' objections and complaints (don't forget the wives!) when natural materials are used in their house, in other words, customer pleasing.
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Original clay sculpture
      by Glen Conley
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Taxidermy habitat original clay sculpture.
Taxidermy habitat stump reproduced in urethane foam.
   The Weathered Stump
                made at
Quality Taxidermy Supply
taxidermy habitat suitable for wild turkey taxidermy.
taxidermy habitat suitable for wild turkey taxidermy.
taxidermy habitat suitable for wild turkey taxidermy shows suitability for anchoring a wild turkey taxidermy mount.
taxidermy habitat suitable for wild turkey taxidermy.
The longest measurement on the top is 16 1/2", and the widest is 13".

The larger "diameter" of the stump top is 13".
Height at the middle is 12/12".

The height at the top of the ragged split is 14".
This view from the bottom shows you as to how much room you have to work in for attaching the mount.

You can also get a better size perception with this view.  The measurement at the longest point is 27 1/2", and a 20 1/2" width.

The thickness of the anchoring portion of the top, including the reinforcement plywood, is approximately 4".  
Finishing can be kept to a minimal if desired.  The next three photos show a finished stump that was done in about twenty minutes.  A mannikin ruffer, hide puller, sandpaper, paint brush, sponge, and four colors of water base paint were all that was needed.

The four colors used were dark brown, mallard tan, medium green, and yellow ochre.  The sponge was used to make the green mossy look.
wild turkey taxidermy habitat
wild turkey taxidermy habitat
wild turkey taxidermy habitat