Taxidermy Hide Paste, Taxidermy Glues and Taxidermy Adhesives
AFG Hide Paste
taxidermist glue
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                                    Terry and Tammy Lipscomb
                                         2186 Southwood Road
                                    Kinston, North Carolina 28501
                 To order taxidermy supplies or taxidermy forms,
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Photos by Tammy Lipscomb
hot glue sticks
Glue Sticks 
1/2" diameter by 10" long
Approximately one pound $6.99
Derma-Grip #1232 (Red Label)
1 Gallon $52.99
12 ounce pouch $14.99

AFG Hide Paste
This is one of the best pre-mixed hide pastes that we have used in our taxidermy shop.  Used on a Sable and Kudu, we found the hide paste easy to taxi the skin over, yet after drying, absolutely no drumming.  End the hassle of hide nails or pins.  AFG tacks up within hours ending the process of going back hours and days later re-pressing the hide back into the depressions.  Gallon.........$42.99
ZAP-A-GAP has been the taxidermist's choice for all around super glue for years.  This revolutionary cyanoacrylate adhesive has exclusive gap filling properties that are not available in other similar type products.

Zap A Gap glue-bottle  $9.99
Zap Gel-small tube  $2.49, 10.99