Sculpting and Modeling Materials for Taxidermy at Quality Taxidermy Supply
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Photos by Tammy Lipscomb
Critter Clay
For taxidermy sculpturing.  10X stronger than any other clay; lighter weight; non-shrinking, non-cracking formula; air drying, no firing, safe; non-toxic, no asbestos,; fast drying, paintable, easy to  use; multi-purpose clay.
1 lb.   $10.00,       5 lbs.  $24.00
Ready-mixed smooth potter's clay for use in modeling and general taxidermy work.
12 1/2 lbs.  $19.99
25 lbs.  $29.99
Roma Plastalina
2 lb. $15.99
Apoxie Sculpt
Offers economy as well as performance, strength, and water proof performance.  Flat finish to make repairs and painting easier.  Simple water clean-up.  2 Part product (A&B) must be mixed.  Working time is about 2 hours.  Cures hard overnight.  0% shrinkage!  Sticks to any clean surface.

1 lb. ( cream, white, black, pink, brown)-$24.00

4 lbs. Cream only  $45.00
Aves Apoxie Safety Solvent
How many times have you used a good brush to smooth out and blend in Apoxie Sculpt only to have it destroy a high dollar brush?  Safety solvent is a non-toxic, non-flammable solvent that will not only quickly clean paint brushes but safely and easily blends Apoxie Sculpt.  Safety Solvent is recommended for cleaning non-cured Apoxie Sculpt from tools, brushes and surfaces.
4 oz. bottle  $10.00
16 oz. bottle  $22.00
Paper Mache
Good for ears, eyes, mouth, horns and modeling.  Dries hards and does not crack or chip.  Comes in dry powder form to be mixed with water.
5 lbs.  $11.99