Taxidermy Skinning and Fleshing Tools
Fleshing  Gloves
Curved Scissors  $3.95 
                    Latex Gloves
                     Available in
Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large                    $8.99 per box
Nitrile Gloves  $12.99
Tail Stripping Tool
Skinning Gambrel or
Skinning Chain $13.99
Disposable Scalpel  $1.50 each

scalpel blade #22
scalpel blade #15
scalpel blade #10
scalpel blade #11
Havel's Scalpel Blades
box of 100 blades  $24.95 each

#10, #11, #12, #15, #20, #22, #24, #25
Havel's Scalpel Blades
box of 100 #60 blades
scalpel blade #60
scalpel blade #25
Fleshing Or Sculpting Tools
Serrated on one side, smooth on the other.

A.  Tear drop $6.95
B.  Triangle    $6.95
C.  Round      $6.95
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An indexed listing of taxidermy forms can be found on our home page.
Handle # 3  $3.95 each
accepts blades #15, #10 and #11

Handle # 4  $3.95 each
accepts blades #22 and #25

Handle # 6  $9.95 each
accepts blades #22, #25 and #60
6P-plastic handle  $6.95 each
Handle # 8  $11.95 each
accepts blades  #60
#3   #4     #6      #8
Brain Spoon Tool
One of the handiest tools in a taxidermy shop.  Ideal for removing brains, aids in the skinning of ears, tear ducts, skinning bird heads and other hard to get at places.  A must in setting eyes, arranging mouths, etc.  Don't be without it!  7" long overall.  $6.99
Jonas Ear Opener  $22.99
These fleshing gloves were designed by Gary Bowen especially for taxidermists to prevent accidental cuts.  The gloves are made of 100% Kevlar, the aramid fiber used in bullet resistant vests, the cuffs are extra longto prevent cuts to the wrist.  Gloves are ambidextrous and are machine washable.  The flat grip dots provide a sensitive working surface and help in holding on to wet, slippery hides.  Sold in pairs.  $17.99
Skife Knife
        Skife Knife
replacement blades
Now it's easy to thin around the lips, eyes, etc.  Made principoally for the job of skiving leather and other materials, it is a very handy tool for all leather workers.  It is especially good for thinning hides in various areas without cutting through.  It is fitted with a razor blade, and extra blades are available.
                                                   Skife Knife  $10.99
Pack of 6 replacement blades  $3.00  Pack of 100 replacement blades  $34.95
Photos by Tammy Lipscomb