Taxidermy Tools Available at Quality Taxidermy Supply
bandage scissors $4.95 each
file brush $4.95
clean files and rifflers
12" curved hemostat -$8.95
12" straight hemostat -$8.95
8" straight hemostat  $5.95
8" curved hemostat
5.5" straight  hemostat-$3.95
5.5" curved hemostat
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Return to listing of Taxidermy Supplies 
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                To order taxidermy supplies or taxidermy forms,
                                  phone toll free 1-888-527-8722.
An indexed listing of taxidermy forms can be found on our home page.
Coarse Rasp Set
8 pieces
Hide Stretcher/Cape Puller
This handy tool prevents you from pulling the hair from your hides.Use it to help taxi the cape over your form by inserting the teeth into the hide.Also use it to position the cape after fitting it on the form.$12.95 each
Acid Brushes
7-16" width
$1.99  per pack
      Photos by
Tammy Lipscomb