Plastic Calipers
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                                      Quality Taxidermy Supply
                                    Terry and Tammy Lipscomb
                                         2186 Southwood Road
                                    Kinston, North Carolina 28501
                 To order taxidermy supplies or taxidermy forms,
                                   phone toll free 1-888-527-8722.
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Plastic Handle Wire Brush-L
$2.99 each
Tape Measure 
$1.99 each
Aluminum Calipers 
 8"- $8.99 
Stout & Slim Ruffer 
$27.95 each 
Replacement Pad $18.99 each
Wooden Handle Wire Brush 
$.95 each
Plastic Handle Wire Brush-M
Tweezer 6 
6" Tweezer-$5.95
7" straight or curved tweezers
$3.95 ea.
12" straight-$8.95
Sharpening Steels
Lip Tucking Tool 
$15.95 each
Pin Pusher or Brad Driver
No more sore thumbs or bent pins. This instrument pushes pins with ease just where you need them. Spring loaded mechanism for quick insertion. 
Photos by
Tammy Lipscomb
File Brush
Not only  cleans files but works
great on roughing mannikins.
$4.95 ea.
Plastic Handle Wire Brush-S